Kylian Mbappé


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3 Aug 2018
Much prefer Mbappe, personally think he's clear of Haaland

Think both are ambitious players who likely won't want to stay with us for their entire career but move onto La Liga at some point

Don't think we are interested though, and he may not be interested in us or any prem team as he is always been linked to Madrid which always seemed yo be on the cards

If he refused to sign a deal, Real struggle to afford him I think he's be fantastic for us...and then in 4/5 years we can sell him to Madrid for a new record fee


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2 Jul 2013
Poch a thug? - cannot remember hearing that before. He seems a decent manager although he has his work cut out for him to get anything other than domestic success with PSG.
What has he done to be thought of in that way?
Was going to say what BlueTG said but he beat me to it , it is his tactic to be over aggressive, I do not think that will go down well with his flair players, the board or even the FFF


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5 Jun 2009
To be fair that's something any fan would say and when you look at the previous points tally, the champions are on course for the lowest in 6 years and that's presuming they win both their remaining games. I do agree Mbappe seems to have a stink around him but that entire squad does. Hence why so many good managers have failed there.

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