La Liga official complaint about City


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23 Nov 2010
Why don't UEFA just tell them to shut up they regulate clubs and they are happy with how things are done?

The perfect fumble

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3 Jun 2012

Here's one of those dreadful, manufactured, fans meet sports pundits that Carragher and Neville do to bolster their non-existent street cred. The clip starts with Neville not asking a loaded question of a Newcastle fan....

The fan is terribly naive and has clearly not thought it through, but she's not alone, from what I've seen the Geordies have no idea what's going to happen to them.

Notice the natural assumption that football fans must take up the torch for western values and berate their owners accordingly.

Neville might well have a future as a Labour MP, he's a perfect combination of stupidity and arrogance, coupled with gargantuan ignorance.

Here's Gary doing a puff piece promotion for the Qatar World Cup with his mate David Beckham, the Qatar World Cup Ambassador....

Gary is a man of principal.
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