laptop technical help plz

tricky trev

27 Mar 2006
my daughters laptop (HP ze5700 ) has developed a charging problem
the pin in the center of the power jack seams loose, when you waggle it theres a few small flashes from the immediate area so i suspect its broken or the wires have come loose inside the PC
i have however located a replacement part in the states ( $18 inc p+p )
all i need to do is fatham out how to install it
it looks to me i will have to remove the back of the PC to gain access (this is new ground for me !!!
so my question is

1 is this fairly easy to do

2 any thing i should know before i start

3 should i just dump the lappy (PC world quoted £600 for the job )

4 any other way round the problem (would a docking station charge the battery )

all help and ideas gratefully appreciated


Well-Known Member
9 Aug 2006
Denton, Manchester
Don't recommend that you try it yourself, laptops are much more complex than computers as soon as you take off the cover (even that can be a bastard to do at times).

I'd either get shot of the laptop and get a new one or fork out the repair price, whichever is cheapest

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