Liverpool away

Thomas Hearns

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13 Jan 2018
Understand your sentiment. Just think the media will be ready and waiting to slag us off at any opportunity. We don't need need to give them any ammunition.
I hear where you’re coming from and on a personal level if I encountered him anywhere I’d obviously do the decent thing and wish him a speedy recovery. That said I feel that us joining in with their tribute would only add to the collective sense of entitlement their fan base has and would serve to reinforce their deluded belief that they’re special.

We have no connection to this lad and the current enmity between us and them would make it seem as though we were bending over backwards to indulge them were we to join in. It’s not like the Munich anniversary game where we could bury the hatchet for a day to commemorate what was in many ways a shared loss and it was appropriate to play our part.


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16 Jan 2015
Need travel for 3 from near ground if anyone has any spare seats on less than a score a head please message me


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11 Feb 2018
I know it's like asking for rocking horse sxxt but any spares for today? id even be willing to drive and offer a lift to anyone in need if I can sort a ticket.

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