Liverpool Away

Unlikely but any spares about please let me know. Thanks
May I please be considered for one of the hundreds of spares please :)

I get to most aways but always fall short on this and the rags etc so have to throw my begging bowl out and pray ;)

Looking for a spare as well, coming from the US and looking to join a mate who is already going. Thanks!
Fat chance of this, if anyone has 2 spare tickets please let me know! Will be like finding a needle in a haystack haha
Took my lad to his first away game at spuds, seeing as we won there he's a lucky charm so if anyone wants to sell an adult and junior I'll gladly have them please, (god loves a trier apparently).
would be much appreciated i know it’s not likely due to them being like gold dust go to nearly every away except big ones due to lack of points will be much appreciated coyb
Tickets available in the City end on if anyone’s feeling flush
Start at £600.00 per ticket (without the additional charges/fee’s which get added at the end)
I bet you could get hospitality for that!

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