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23 Oct 2014
Sunday 8 November
Manchester City v Liverpool

Kickoff: 4:30pm

Craig Pawson
Assistants: Lee Betts, Richard West
Fourth official: Andre Marriner
VAR: Paul Tierney
Assistant VAR: Stephen Child

Must. Win. This.

Forget everyone else for a minute ...

Liverpool is sitting on 16 points having played 7 games and we’re on 11 having played 6.

WIN this and go to 14 pts just 2 short of them with a game in hand ... win that game in hand and we’re a point ahead (if we match all their other results till we actually play that game in hand in late January sometime).

LOSE this and they go to 19 pts, leaving us at 11 ... that’s them 8 pts ahead, albeit a game in hand for us but since that game in hand isn’t anytime soon, it’d be a huge disappointment and disadvantage to us going forward in the season and a boost for them ... especially this early on in the season.

DRAW leaves them 5 pts ahead with our game in hand. So yeah not so bad and makes it a must-not-lose but given their defensive injuries at present, we need to take advantage and go get a big win here.

Also won’t help is the yet another international break right after this ... so the one who loses here would have to chew on that result for two weeks before they can play again. And our next game after the internationals is AWAY at Spurs.

So let's go win this ... c'mon City!
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29 Sep 2008
Agreed, absolutely a must win game. Seems strange saying it so early in the season.


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12 Sep 2012
I don't agree that it's a must-win game. Every team seems to be dropping points this season. In December 2018 I think we were 10 points behind at one point and we still won the league, so it wouldn't be impossible to catch them.

Winning puts the title firmly in our grasp, it's a real 6 pointer and a huge game, but it's not a must-win game IMO.
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