March Fixtures

These fixtures are no coincidence at this time of the year but let’s just worry about Bournemouth.
Brighton gets moved if we get through in the cup, where it would be nice to get a Coventry/Maidstone/Bournemouth/Leicester at home in that game week
Brighton gets moved if either team gets through next week. If we lose at Luton, we’ll have a blank weekend if Brighton are involved in the sixth round.
Apart from Liverpool away, which will obviously end in tears, I’m more confident against the better teams who’ll have a bit of a go than I am the shit ones at the minute.
It's a very tough schedule and it includes two games that will obviously have a big say in the title race but I'm confident as we always raise our game when it really matters.

I've got a sneaky suspicion that with some of the more lacklustre performances recently there may have been an element of us saving ourselves with this run of fixtures on the horizon. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see us start to go through the gears soon and peak just before the Liverpool and Arsenal games.

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