Mario takes Drake for a curry.

Puppet Master Silva

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30 Oct 2011
Drake's fairly decent, there's worse out there and Take Care is far from a poor album. It's funny to see people so emotionally invested in this though. One thing I don't get is the hate for the guy? If you went over to America to promote yourself then I'm almost certain you would put on the local teams sports shirt whilst your there, even if you don't follow hockey or basketball, it helps him raise his profile and to be honest Drake being seen in a City jacket/shirt can only really help overseas.

As for people having a go at Mario for going out after the match, don't expect him to sit at home slitting his wrists whilst crying and typing a hate filled message on bluemoon about how these players have wrecked your life after one loss. He's allowed to go out and enjoy himself, especially the night after a game when we don't play for over a week.

God damn it why did I waste my time typing this.


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23 May 2004
Still alive here....
didactic said:
zangatangring said:
i'm on my mobile so sorry in advance for lack of coherence.

i , personally, define genius as that which makes the past obsolete and in which the future bears his mark. kanye is a musical genius and it's been confirmed by artists more intelligent and talented than you and those who say otherwise. i'm not immature enough to cite homosexuality as an indication of someone's decadance. in saying that, I think we both know who's argument has more maturity and reliability.

finally, if anyone's gonna use the stupid and myopic argument that hip-hop is a immoral genre, you're flawed. it's one of the few musical genre that can acommodate social commentary and intelligent lyrics (yes....). you wont find the smart political musings shown by kanye or Jay-Z in pop, dance or most other genres. I do admit that drake does severely lack intelligent social commentary, however, his music is good and he himself is notably intelligent.

I'm not having a go, but I dont resort to extraneous issues (calling wayne gay? really?!?!) just to make someone seem inferior. my ego just aint that big... lil wayne and drake has a cerebral gift that you or I (or the vast majority of people we'll ever meet) have. it doesn't mean you have to like his music or change your subjective perception of his music coz "he's laughing all the way to the bank."

Kanye has not made any past obsolete he is a good producer and a good rapper but there those better than him at producing (Dr Dre, Babyface, Timberland, Rockwilder, DJ Premier) to name a few off the top of my head. Rap wise Kanye is not even top 20 of the best MCs to ever do it. Music is a very incest based business Kayne is successful of course others will call him a great in the hope of getting similiar chances. That validates nothing.

Are you going to teach me about hiphop now? I grew up in the culture used to rap, produce and actually did a few shows at a few youth centres with my friends. Have a few tracks floating about online too I made with friends. You have no idea how many of my friends are still in this as a business. Independent artists, AR people at Sony, producers at Interscope UK. Drakes music is rubbish and would not stand up versus any great artist from the 90s up to mid 2000 era. Singing for little girls and wannabe gangsters who know how many black friends they have and thinking hanging their jeans low makes them "hard" is not great music. He is a clown and he is not real which is why he is being called out by real artists. DMX, Common for starters.

Rumours of Waynes homosexuality did not start with me maybe if you going to pretend to be the perfect hiphop stan you should research the genre. There are rumours abound of him being bisexual and he does not deny that he kisses "Baby" a grown man on his lips. Photo evidence was provided he said he does it because "he loves him like a father." Do you kiss your father on the lips?



Yip he looks like a straight man to me in his $50 womens leggings with universal prison code of "I take it in the ass" showing on national TV.

How do you know my gifts? You dont even know me? Silly argument there I lost interest in hiphop when the destruction of the my community and the brain washing of black youth was all that was needed to get a record deal. Its fine for you sitting in a nice home while Drake teaches kids to "get money" so they resort to drugs and guns. This part never impacts you, so for you its all entertainment. When you see your friends and family ripped apart by this radio broadcast genocide you then have a different stance on what artistry is.

Your final statement proves my point and is exactly why I hate these artists. Money and success do not mean talent it just means they have managed to find a way of making it commercially viable while selling their souls and own people out. Drake can keep his "money in the bank" and I will keep listening to artists who uplift black people and the community and dont represent us like materialistic, hedonistic, empty minded bottle popping fools.

what a load of twaddle

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