Martin Zero - local urban explorer


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19 Oct 2010
In oddbobs overalls.
Yes, the way they made that crazy fountain to redirect the flow once it left the culvert - and also the amazing brickwork that has lasted all these years, imagine being a brickie working down there!
The Brickwork would have been done in the open. Dug huge trenches then built the bottom till half way, using a former then did the top arch. A few million brick

Mazzarelli's Swiss Cheese

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12 Apr 2019
Just my opinion, before the soft tw@ts start......
Team supported
FC Zurich (and city of course)
I have shared a couple of Martin Zero's videos before. His latest I really enjoyed.
If you are familiar with Gorton's Debdale reservoirs and golf course this may interest you too.
A lot longer than his usual videos (42 mins) but is well worth it.
As usual, Martin doesnt just go down and walk the culvert, but gives the full history of it too.
Grab a beer and a packet of crisps and enjoy
Watched all his stuff over the last few months. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he goes out of his way to show everything possible and bring it all to life.

Essex blue

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21 May 2013
So sad the state of the reservoirs nowadays

I used to go fishing with my late dad on the banks of the reservoirs for hours on end in the 70s

went back when he passed away 6 years ago, what a shame it’s been left in such a state

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