Match Thread | Man City vs Brighton (21/10/23)

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That goal was unlucky. If he let it go it would be a goal also. He tried to clear it unfortunately didn’t work out
You're right, that was Walker's fault, but the second yellow was stupid.
We have got to be more disciplined & its up to Pg to sort it out ,but the refereeing in a lot of prem games has become piss poor since Webb has taken over.
Well done to the players in getting another win .
This is the worse reffing I have ever seen and that`s saying something fuck me
I thought it looked directed rather than just poor.
I know every fan thinks their team are reffed differently, but with us it’s the constant little things. Yellow cards in particular.
Inconsistency in how the rules are applied.
It’s nothing new but they do ref us differently don’t they!?Trying to even things up so that it’s not too easy…It’s that simple.Bent f’kin bastards!
Akanji missing the next match doesn’t upset me greatly.
His positional sense was appalling in that game. He doesn’t read play as well as Ake does.

Walker Dias Stones Ake for me.
Gvardiol has a bit to learn yet too.
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