Match Thread | Man City vs Inter - CL Final (10/06/23)

I am crying, my boyfriend don't get it as he don't follow football and don't get the passion, but he gave me a beer just now so Ill let him off! Haha!.

I am one bag of nerves and anxiety, but we have done it. No matter what happens, this won't ever happen again. They said that with the Raggies in 1999, but it's a much more tougher sport now and the quality has gone up dramatically.
We finally got a bit of luck.
We were miles off our game but still found a way.
Phil should have wrapped it up.
It was just our year.
Doesn't feel real, I feel surprisingly calm. Need to get my head around it all I think. This is fucking mental, what have we done?!?! The treble??
I'm so pleased for you all. Inter were cheating bastards going down as if they had been shot looking for pathetic freekicks which they shouldn't have got. That goal was deserving of winning a CL final and I thought Silva was totally class and looked like your best player as he always looked as if he would create something.

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