Match Thread | Yokohama vs Man City (27/07/19) @ 11.30am

Discussion in 'Matchday forum' started by shadygiz, 27 Jul 2019.

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  1. Mostly absolutely superb.

    Slight question about covering space but it's pre season & it should improve, a lot.
  2. Tricky_Trev


    18 Jan 2009
    I remember when we were in the early stages of growing worldwide and the general consensus was “fuck the day trippers”. These guys are in many ways more passionate than our fans here at home. The more the merrier. Nobody can knock them.
  3. KS55


    14 Oct 2016
    Second half we were second best. Scoreline flatters us. Well played Yoko, a very decent work out.
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  4. Pep's ticking all the time, thinking about something more important, watching what's around, whilst answering the boring questions.
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  5. ninjamonkey


    5 Jun 2009
    Good workout that, very useful game. Rodri looks on it in possession, very quickly learning his position, far less getting in the way of passing angles compared to just a week ago, however defensively he still needs a lot of work. Fernandinho coming back next week should speed that side of his learning up a lot, just being able to watch what’s expected of him in training should help immensely.

    None of the kids are close to a breakthrough but there’s been some impressive performances, Bernabe looks the most likely to be given minutes.

    Think the fact we didn’t see walker at centre back despite having just two centre backs and harwood-bellis on tour puts to bed this bluemoon myth of him being an option there, we would surely have seen it if Pep has any intention of using him there this season.

    Credit to the fans in the ground today too. heard them singing non stop and a good variety of songs including some lesser known songs. Much better support than some of the oversea fans we see at the Etihad that are only interested in filming the entire game and getting themselves a shirt at the end of the game
  6. Japan's Mike Summerbee presenting trophy.
  7. come-on-barney


    29 Aug 2007
    Hopefully not the first trophy David will be holding up this year !
  8. Chi-town blues

    Chi-town blues

    5 May 2012
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