MCFC Hooded Jacket for Sale

Even if the extra 5er is for p+p City only charge 3.99 brand new. Plus at least a 10% discount most of us can get anyway.

And if he has bought the wrong size, why not return it for a bigger size?
ROBL250 said:
Im selling my Hooded Jacket as its a size too small and recently bought from the club shop, turns out im now a Large not a Medium. Jacket is more a summer Jacket but looks good in any weather, in mint condition and comes with official MCFC tag.
Im selling for 20 quid if anyones intrested, just PM me.


You certainly have a hidden talent Rob. Displays are obviously your line of business,some of the big chains would be impressed by your ''arty'' work!!
fair play to the guy if he comes back on and takes it on the chin. hes never gonna live this one down though methinks.

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