Michael Johnson....Party Mode???

Half of uniteds youth team are in M2 evry week in town so thats bollocks.
But yeah its safe to say johnno is a bit of a piss head :)
bluemanc said:
He also told us that a few youth team players are a disgrace to the club in the way they act, and he never see's Uniteds youth team players out at all.
It's Xmas, so you had me till that.

They're usually seen rapeing Weeos cast offs allegedly...
Shock Horror!!!

Professional footballers take recreational drugs and enjoy a lager, or Champagne when they are winding down.

As one wag on here as already stated, the drugs our players are taking are certainly not performance enhancing.

If hte story of Jo cacking his white pants is true, it aint going to be long before that story goes mainstream.

Safe to assume he and Elano are being sent back to the salt mines.

By the way does anyone think that Maradona on drugs at the 94 world cup enhanced his performance? Or was it that he was still a genius footballer still in even in the twilight of his career,
or maybe just, basically because he was uuuuuhhhhhhhh? Just brilliant?
Before anybody takes this thread as true, please note the originator started a thread a couple of days where he was claiming credit for ITK info in the Summer, despite registering 2 weeks ago.

Its bullshit. Johnson's got big problems, but dont listen to a walter mitty schoolkid posting made up stories.
lets see, red youth dont do it because, the england captain hosts roasting parties and they just go there instead...

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