Napoli (A) Post Match Thread

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by FantasyIreland, 1 Nov 2017.

  1. Jesus Cheekbone

    Jesus Cheekbone

    22 Oct 2017
    Bayern is obviously a big club, still bigger than us at the moment but come on mate - it's so obvious the bayern job was just a stop gap before City. It was worst kept secret for years that Pep is City's bound, his brother (and probably him too without it being public) is business partner with City Football group, the years have been spent to prepare everything for him here, we even had some ITK's here who posted he is coming here exactly when he did 2 years before he came. Pep and City are not simple "club hires manager stuff", it's much bigger thing that includes him, his brother, their personal investment in City's loan/feeder club, his best mates in upper positions at the club etc, etc... it's just long time planned project, far bigger than simple managerial job that he had at Bayern. And again, it's not arrogance, as I said Bayern is still bigger club as City, but still :D, it's just facts and common knowledge.
  2. Dribble


    4 Jul 2009
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow....

    Until Guardiola arrived it was still conjecture, but when it was announced he was in fact becoming our new manager, most of that conjecture instantly became fact.

    I think it's just hard for one of the aristocratic European elite teams to accept that. I never forget that Richard Keys tweet saying he had rock solid info from Pere Guardiola that his brother would arrive at City when his 3 years at Bayern were up.

    It made it all the more sensational that Pep Guardiola was barely 6 months into his 3 year Bayern contract. But like I said, it was all conjecture until Pep arrived just as several industry insiders & ITK's had said he would.

    Understandably, Bayern fans are finding it hard to swallow, but the fact Guardiola is now here says it all really.
  3. kippaxwarrior


    3 Jun 2009
    Hulme or The Etihad
    Having watched the highlights again I hadn't noticed that when Sergio scores the first thing Fernandinho does is to point and run over to Pep and then hugs him. That to me shows the players have totally bought in to what Pep is trying to do. The scary thing is is that I actually think we can get better
  4. BrianW


    6 Mar 2006
    People's Republic of Bury, Gorton exile
    I laugh at the idea that Bluemoon is harshly moderated. People who think that should try RAWK, where half the threads are locked and there are all sorts of arcane rules about what you are allowed to say, even if you are a Liverpool fan.

    Opposition fans who come on here to take the piss and drone on about oil money or abuse our owner mustn't be surprised if they aren't received with open arms. This isn't a meeting of the Quakers.
  5. TBooksbluearmy


    14 Jun 2011
    Another great performance from everyone of those players that played against Napoli. What we now need is another 2 games like this in our remaining games. Then we should be assured of 1st place. Then with a bit of luck we might get an easy draw in the last 16 for a change.
  6. Bluep*ss


    14 Nov 2012

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