Need advice re possible speeding ticket

AKA 55 year old teenager

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1 Oct 2022
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I was travelling to and from Chester on motorway on 2nd June. There was a variable speed limit of 60mph. I was probably doing 70mph on the way there and on the way back. Nothing has arrived in the post re fine.
I then realised when I moved house 4 years ago despite notifying DVLA of my new address, I totally forgot to have my new address changed on my log book. Any potential paperwork will have gone to my old address.

The people who bought my house did forward onto me the proof I sold the car sent by DVLA to my old address. I have asked them if they have had any other letter for me in the past 2 weeks, they have said no.

I am now in a situation where I could end up in court for not responding to any letter sent to me by Cheshire Police even if they were sent to the wrong address.

Should I phone Cheshire Police to ask if I was caught speeding and risk admitting to them that I may have been speeding, or just not do anything?

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