New moderators


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22 May 2004
I was asked, but declined.
Would rather stick pins in my eyes.
Fair play to the ones who agreed to do it.
It's a bloody big task on a forum this size. All the best to you both x

Eccles Blue

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27 Aug 2009
Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
Just run riot all over the place , they love that ;)
@kaz7 I've just found out (never was one for reading rules and regulations. Sorry Ric) that my posting for every match about the Boys in Blue never giving in, is a bannable offence!! HELP!! ;-)
But it did come about because I was once typing quickly and forgot to turn off the Caps Lock and now I feel as if if I stopped it would bring back luck to the team. I am very superstitious!!

p.s. did you see that I met by all time hero the Dunnie Monster and had my photo take with him? :-)

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