New Podcast: Derby Disappointment, Liverpool Collapse, Reasons to be Cheerful, & Spurs preview

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    30 Oct 2009
    Blue Moon Podcast Season 9, Episode 37: Thrown All Over the Place

    This week:
    - Are Manchester City struggling to respond to set-backs?
    - What impact did refereeing decisions have on City's last three results?
    - A look at the club's recent record at Spurs, ahead of the trip to Wembley
    - Where is John Stones? Why is he not closer to the first team?
    - Howard Hockin gives us his reasons to be cheerful after a disappointing week

    Episode 9.37 - Thrown All Over the Place
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    Episode 9.37 Extra - Joe Hart
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    We hope you like it - let us know what you think!
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