New season predictions


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16 May 2009
Near that bloke who lives near me.
I can see both Fat Sam and Twitcher being sacked. Twitcher will become a pundit/co-commentator and tell us all time and time again that he was after every half-decent player himself but was 'Blown out of the water' - probably by us.
The anti-Christ of football (Allardyce) will take over the reins at QPR because they will only want to consolidate their place in the Prem, and he'll do that.

I reckon there will be fireworks between Vag and Maureen. Both are egotistical and arrogant, and both will want all the attention the fawning media will be prepared to give them. They will lock horns constantly, much to the detriment of the game itself, but of the two, Vag will be treated as the new Messiah...simply because of who he's in charge of.

Brenda is going to be last year's model, and the sycophantic press will turn on him big time. They will see, as we have done, that he is -at best- a mediocre journeyman, another Holloway or Colin Wanker.

Pellers will be his usual charming self and will not lower his high standards and get caught up in the bitch-fight between Maureen and The Minge. He will lead us onto more glory and more trophies, but will not be given an ounce of credit from the hacks who will be too busy fawning over you-know-who.

Oh, there will be unconfirmed reports that Dave Whelan once broke his leg as well.

Sigh...bring on the new season.

Plays By Sense Of Smell

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4 Sep 2011
Butthead will be lauded as the real deal as he helps the rags reassume their flat track bully status (which is what you ned to challenge for top 4/title). Expectations go through the roof and we see homecoming parades in October which make the scouse spring of 2014 look like the opening of a supermarket.
Then they meet a decent team like us who rip them a new one. Shell shocked, butthead takes no prisoners in dishing out blame to those who 'deserve it', causing massive internal ructions measuring 8.5 on the Tevez scale.
A couple more teams take advantage of the instability and suddenly mr. high horse is in a corner prompting more sabre rattling at the wrong people who shortly before the new year decide they've had enough already as they want either their players, sponsors or both to stay with the club.

You heard it here first. ;)


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16 Apr 2010
I'm hoping for a miracle. A return to the old days, where the media would report on the actual match.
But then, I did lose most of my marbles, many a year ago.

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