Newcastle United (A) | PL | Post Match Thread

I couldn’t watch it all but there was one period in the second half when Walker was on the wing one second then I blinked and he was in the middle running toward the goal passing the ball superbly to someone as he went. I had to rewind to check it was definitely him!!
The hug Pep gave him at the end was heartwarming. :-)

Played well in the second half tbf to him.
Can't believe that finish from Bobb. 91st minute...last chance of the game to win it and he's got the confidence and self belief to touch it perfectly round the keeper and keep it glued to his feet to touch it in a millisecond before the defender gets close enough to block it. Sensational from Oscar.
Shame we don’t have the alternative commentaries anymore.

Ankara Messi would have been aired.
That felt a huge win. Our attacking play was brilliant at times. Rodri showing why he is the best DM on the planet. Phenomenal 2nd half performance and nothing left to say about KDB other than the genius is back. And we shouldn’t underestimate that finish from Oscar Bobb, absolute genius.

Did have some concerns though. Maybe walker was unlucky for first goal. It was a brilliant ball to Isak but for both goals surely he has to show the player the outside. He did exactly the same thing in the 2nd half. I’d like to see him have a spell out of the team. And we need Akanji and Stones back cos Gvardiol just isn’t a LB. So we need Ake there. God only knows why we spent £85m on a CB to play him at LB.

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