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18 Jan 2019
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any french members? how is the domestic media towards PSG?

I cannot imagine the amount of shit we would get for the window PSG just having. i like how they dont give a shit, they do not try to be "loved" & accepted by rivals neither domestic level or CL level.

I wonder if French media is giving them as much vitriol tho.
PSG provoke mixed reactions. Even before the Qatari takeover, it was a very popular and impopular club. There is the antagonism of Paris and the "province". PSG were also the symbol of bling bling, the rich while football was supposed to be the game of the people.

Now, it is exacerbated with Qatar. People loathe Qatar, oil money, thus PSG arean easy target for criticism. There is also the fact there is a financial gap between PSG and its rivals; every win is expected, every loss is magnified.

French media are happy they have a team that can compete in Europe but at the same time they suck up to the historical cubs. Not long ago, there was a public feud between PSG and l'Equipe, the major sport newspaper in France.

On the global stage, i would say PSG and City get treated the same way.

PSG needed to reinforce their wings much like when City spent big on those positions as soon as Guardiola came in. Nuno Mendes is young, even younger than Hakimi but it is a step in a good way given the deadwood we were carrying there previously. Let's hope the new batch of players will mix nicely with the exisiting squad. So far, PSG have been very average.
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