Old long forgotten City songs

Didsbury Dave

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1 Feb 2007
Kevin Horlock's magic, he's City through and though
When Franny went to Swindon Town he said "I'm signing you"
He didn't sign for Birmingham or bolton coz theyre shite
he signed for Super City coz their fucking dynamite

DT King of all Geordies

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2 Apr 2005
When they switched sides at the Villa match Eddie had to go to the other end. I sang Eddie Eddie Eddie as we used to do for Alex and Eric when they swapped ends at Maine Road


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5 Jan 2021
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We’ve got that Terry Phelan
Woah that Terry Phelan
We’ve got that Terry Phelan
And he’s fast fast fast
Woah woah woah
Der dum der dum der der der der dum
Terry Terry you are so fast
As I remember that song turned into "summer nights" from grease at the end?


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27 Sep 2008
Where else? "Stockport!" ;-)
We don't carry Razors,
We don't carry lead,
We only carry hatchets,
To bury in your head,
We are loyal supporters,
Fanatics, evryone,
We hate Man Utd,
and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and Leeds and on..

To the tune from Chigley (You need to be 50+ ;-) )

Time fly's by, when your a fan of Man City,
And you ride on the footplate, down to Wembley,
Under bridges, over bridges, down to Wembley station,
Travelling through the countryside,
To see the boys in Blue and White!
Repeat! ;-)

City Mike 1969

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21 Sep 2021
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The one that doesn't just lie about coming from Manchester.
"Fuck off, Morley, fuck off Morley"

"We're so shit its unbelievable"

"Swales is a wanker, he wears a wanker's hat, and when he wears it back to front, he looks a fucking twat"


16 May 2022
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Man City
The verse before 'Hark Now Hear'

My father said to me one day, is it red or blue for you, And if its red your out the door, and I won't see you no more, And Then one Saturday afternoon, he took me to Mosside, He said my son your time has come and, this is your lesson in pride, You see The Scum you never run, You stand and fight your ground, And when you've won on derby day, Your sure to hear this sound


Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
In the late 60`s, just after kick off and coming out of the corner between the Main Stand and Platt Lane,literally 100`s of coppers would walk around the pitch towards the Kippax.
In those days a madman shot and killed 3 police officers I think it was.
As soon as they entered the ground the Kippax would sing ;
"Harry Roberts is our friend,is our friend,is our friend
Harry Robers is our friend
He kills coppers".
I was only in my late teens in those days and feel embarrassed to admit that yes I was one of those idiots who along with thousands more Kippax lads, actually joined in with those moronic words.
The Kippax were still singing that in the 70's. By this time the Kippax was divided for the away fans and there were a line of coppers along the fence. I always remember one lad started singing forgetting, or not realising a copper was stood yards from him. I don't think he got to the last line before being hauled out.
You are right, Roberts shot 3 London coppers but I always remember it as Harry Roberts is our mate.

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