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little phil

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3 Feb 2022
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The Welcome to Manchester poster would be cool and all but no thanks

balotelli's back pocket

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12 Jan 2016
If we're signing a Dinho/Gundo replacement, is it crazy that I'd rather have Pogba on a free then De Jong for 60-70m?

Don't get me wrong, De Jong is a top player, and obviously younger and more versatile. But I do worry that he'd block the pathway for McAtee and Foden, who should move into midfield permanently in the next few years. I don't see De Jong ousting Rodri at 6 - I think we'd end up in a situation where we have him, Foden, Bernardo and McAtee all demanding to play a majority of games at the same time.

Pogba could come in, plug a gap for 3 or 4 years and move on. If he struggles, sell him after a year or two and at worst, break even. His wages won't be higher than De Jong's. He'd have a point to prove.

Also, I want Bellingham in a couple of years, and I imagine the club do as well.

The fly in the ointment is Bernardo - Bellingham could replace him from next summer onwards but this summer it would probably be Rice or bust.

We'll probably sign De Jong, he'll be incredible and someone will dig this post up and laugh at it. I certainly hope so.

Deleted member 87819

Would be funny if true, but I suspect it’s not. Probably “leaked” to get United to offer him even more to stay.
Who’s leaking it though (from another dimension?)
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7 Jan 2015
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He won’t work with De Bruyne. It doesn’t compliment. Plus he’s too old now to change his ways.

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