Pep Guardiola - 2022/23

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When we won he will be called genius but if we lose he will be called overthinking.

What if he can be both genius and overthinking? Why overthinking must have to be a negative trait when this is the reason of why our season is saved thanks to his constant overthinking finding solution for the team facing a deadlock and crisis combining with him being a mad genius.

Pep is one of kind, we will only truly appreciate him after he left as our manager in the future.
If you don’t ‘overthink’ nothing ever enhances.

Charity golf tournament with Rafa Nadal next week, sorry if it's already been posted. Aguero was in talks to play but doesn't look like that's happening now.
Pep now has won as many major honours as the GPC
Thats 36.
Granted 9 of those were from Peps playing days, but just demonstrates he was both a top player and top manager, unlike the GPC.
It also counts scottish leagues and cups as major trophies

If all trophies are included (supercups etc) then its Pep 52 and the GPC 52.
ESPN UK9 hours ago
Pep Guardiola's former staff and players are taking over English football. His influence is unmatched

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