Pep Guardiola Press Conferences - 2022/23


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12 May 2011
I disagree.

He said if we receive a good offer then anyone can leave - he then went on to say we've NEVER received any approach from Barca about Bernardo (thus implying he's staying).

He also said that Mahrez was doing a good job on penalties and while 'any player has the mentality that they are going to score, they can take penalties'. So Mahrez stays on them for now?
Anyone can leave for the right offer; no approach is ever made by a club until they think it is the right one with a good chance of being accepted. Penalties are only ever given to the player in the right frame of mind. Like I said he told us nothing, like he normally does. Doesn’t stop the press trying to make something of it though.


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10 Oct 2015
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I don't think any of those questions were anything to get upset about:

We literally spend our free time discussing all these topics on this forum - so wouldn't you be a bit annoyed if the journalists weren't asking Pep what's happening with his contract or if Bernardo is leaving?

From that interview I took:

- Pep wants to stay
- Barca haven't approached us about Bernardo
- Team haven't voted on captain yet
- Pep hasn't ruled out further transfers (which he would do if we weren't going for anyone)
- He's already mentioned the academy, we could presume it's going to play a bigger role this season with the smaller squad
Make Bernardo captain. Then he'll never leave us.

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