PL charge City for alleged breaches of financial rules

Let’s be honest though, the Premier League is an incompetent shower of shit just asking united,arsenal and liverpool what they want as they go along. Little secret networks serving the special interests of a few clubs. The good news is they’ve been fucking rumbled, both by politicians and the fans of other clubs although that’s been hampered by an especially vitriolic and nasty press campaign against us. I hope we hang some fuckers out to dry when this is all over.
In my mind this is the scene at CFG while the tribunal asks for more clarity:

The media reporting on city is not true in any shape or form. Nothing but interfering self interested parties foaming at the mouth and screaming from the roof tops. Don’t jump erm on second thoughts go ahead…

City legit won it all. Sooner that is accepted the sooner they can all learn to cope.

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