PL2 City v Chelsea - 11th August - ko 1905

Discussion in 'EDS and Academy Forum' started by eyejay51, 11 Aug 2017.

  1. twosips


    29 Apr 2008
    Nah not at all. Same age and for once a similar size.
  2. Bob Hope

    Bob Hope

    26 Jan 2012
    I thought Chelsea played the more cultured football last night. Thought we were disjointed and if we was trying to play out from the back it was a total disaster.Can't recall once that we actually played out from the back without the keeper just ending up launching it up field.
  3. Bridgejunky


    18 Jan 2013
    Took six months to reply but that's because it took me six months to read this. Apologies. :)

    The comment that Chelsea's development sides which have been successful against City were made up of older players crops up regularly but it's not correct. It is usually the Chelsea side that is the younger of the two. I also often read here about City's youngsters 'playing up' in older age groups with the implication that this is unusual. It isn't. Although some games can be found were clubs field sides which are at the upper end of the permitted age range, in fact, as a matter of policy, most of the top teams put out young sides whenever they can. There is nothing exceptional about the way City do it.

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