Player thread: Samir Nasri (2014/15)

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by pweyhe, 19 Jul 2013.

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  1. billfromthehill


    4 Jul 2012
    questions questions
    Good point m,a,v my pal calls him good game bad game .at times I see his point,
    And then he gets benched it's so hard to call ,with respect and hindsight
    Come on Samir get your self ready mate big season ahead for you lad.
  2. paulchapo


    23 Nov 2010
    His performance against Chelsea away is the benchmark he needs to achieve 8 times out of 10,not 3 times out of 10 and therein lies the problem as he rarely does so.
  3. Father Paul

    Father Paul

    18 Jun 2015
    Nailed it there Chapo. He surely must be one of the most frustrating players ever to play for us since Rodney Marsh. He has great technical ability and awareness but so much of the time he just seems to go missing. He seems to sulk rather than get stuck in and when he does show a bit of aggression he ends up in the refs notebook. Much as I would love to see him thrive under Pep for me he lacks the required mental resolve necessary to be a really great player. In addition, not certain if he gets himself fit enough a lot of the time as he appears to lack stamina.
  4. trevorriley


    17 Jan 2012
    If he looses a few pounds over summer and gets in the right mental state he still has two good seasons for us under pep at least.

    On his first comeback game at home he was motm and showed rest of the team how it is done.. His holding the ball and ability to see a move or / pass at times is second to none. Hope he thrives under pep.
  5. The Fat el Hombre

    The Fat el Hombre

    20 Apr 2006
    I've slated him on here. He's let us down too many times,completely disappearing when we've really needed him. Far too often he's piss and wind, slowing the play down, taking the easy option backwards and sidewards and far too predictable. He talks a good game a lot but never really consistently performs

    All that said I don't think it would be the end of the world if we go into the season with him in the squad. He's a decent enough player and has talent,and every now and then he comes back with a point to prove,and when he does he's ok. I'd be tempted to give him a season under pep and then bin him off at the end of it when his stock is likely at his highest. Just need to be careful not to keep him at the end of the good season because we've seen it too many times him resting on his laurels, going missing and/or letting us down when we need him
  6. KippaxCitizen


    10 Nov 2013
    I think he needs different training or more training to some of the others. He looks unfit. Think; not all players with the same training will reach the same level of fitness and body fat percentage as each other. There will be variances in the squad and some players will need different or more training to reach the required level of fitness and fat to play in the Prem. Some players might not get to that level of fitness despite being better than 90% of the rest of the league.

    I noticed last season that de Bruyne, Yaya, Kun and Nasri seemed to be carrying too much fat. de Bruyne and Nasri would look knackered in the second half of games (noticed this of Nasri for a few years), Yaya would after five minutes, Kun would just drift out of games but not look tired. Even look at Fernandinho and Fernando in the second half of two of the biggest games of the season - Madrid and Arsenal at home - blowing out of their arses as the opposition came on strong later on.

    The fitness of this side was very poor last season. Nasri's seems to have been for a good while. I'm certain Guardiola would not stand for this (maybe that's why Mancini had the falling out with Nasri back in 2013-14?) and will get these lads fitter and carrying less fat (not the Ferns obviously but they still aren't fit!)

    Plus I think we are far too harsh on him performance-wise. There's no way he has seven bad games in ten. I don't know what people see sometimes. He's inconsistent, yes, but not that bad and what he brings to the team is very high quality. And in almost all games (seven or eight out of ten) he'll bring excellent passing. When he didn't play last season look at the sheer amount of times we'd give the ball away in ridiculous situations: de Bruyne, Sterling, Delph being prime examples. Nasri keeps the ball. Some people says he slows the play down, I think that's because he's ahead of his teammates in where people should be stood to receive a pass, he's a passer he wants to pass and too often players in our team stand still and don't allow themselves to be passed to (a huge problem under both Mancini and Pellegrini, that). His fitness might be a factor in that slowing down too much too.
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  7. Centurions


    3 Sep 2012
    Considering he all but ripped his thigh muscle entirely off the thigh bone I thought he looked plenty fit enough for me at the end of the season. He's got the Summer to get fully fit and to work with Pep, he'll hit the ground running next season compared to anybody else at the club.
  8. Neville Kneville

    Neville Kneville

    26 May 2008
    If Pep keeps him, I think he will succeed.

    If his head's not right, Pep will bin him. If Pep sees something to work on, then imo he will get it out of him.

    Nobody can say Nasri can't play, we all know he can. It's about getting the right level of performance out of him on a regular basis. If Guardiola believes he can do that, then so do I.
  9. FantasyIreland


    29 Oct 2008
    Enjoying my brew
    Thats pretty much where i'm at with Nasri,i'd be happy to see him sold but i can also see why him staying may be useful.

    Why isn't he with France? did he 'retire'?
  10. Gabriel


    14 Dec 2008
    The Palladion
    Agree with most of that, but I think there's been a sizing up of the squad since we first won the league under Mancini. Players who had looked lean and quick were suddenly muscular but slower. Perhaps the new strip will make them look thinner. :-)
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