Real Madrid (H) CL Post-Match Thread


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23 Nov 2010
Not a lover of Fernandos since he charged two of us for the same tables drinks bill !

Yes it's often frantic in there on match days and one game the girls couldn't get the game on and had to call Fernando to fix it, we missed a good 20 minutes of the match.


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12 May 2011
Nothing to do with the media, he is nothing like the player he was. fact.
Why do you think that is ? Put yourself in his shoes, you're a diverse sort of guy, confident, intelligent, probably more articulate than any English player with a better command of English than virtually any of them, enjoying life. But you have a private joke with a close mate, it's a mistake, yes, but nothing more than that, the media rips you apart as though as though you're a BNP activist, although John Barnes back you to the hilt. He's human. At that point your form drops off a cliff. The club supports you, but you're going to go through phases of 'Why am I here, the media's convinced a hell of a lot of people that I'm a racist ?' Then Barca come creeping round.


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31 Oct 2010
Thanks to ikle City beating them in the Chumps League, they can't buy anyone this summer. What a shame.
Story in the Mail so avoid if you don't want to read it.
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