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5 Dec 2008
Kick off time 20:00 (BST). Live on TNT Sport for those in the UK.

We know the assignment after a good result in Madrid. Any win puts us in the Champions League Semi Final to face Bayern or Arsenal.

For those going, we have to make it the same as last year, a cauldron of noise, their players couldn't handle it last year, has to be the same again.

Looking at the bench today, the only doubt appears to be Stones unless he was completely rested which I'm guessing he was.

The XI at a guess:
---------De Bruyne--Foden

Only because I'm not sure if Walker is ready to start.

Madrid XI:
Valverde------Rodrygo-------Vini Jr

I think the only question mark for them is Modric over Kroos, not sure he has the legs to start anymore but they were better when he came on.
Big calls for Pep to make ahead of Wednesday night with Bernie, Foden, Jack, KDB all being fit.

Will one drop out in place of Kovacic?

Will Ortega be back as No.1?
I don’t know what Stones’ situation is, but if he’s available to play, I think Dias should be on the bench with Walker coming in to hopefully deal with Vinicius. Akanji is a must start, as is Stones when fit. Then if we’re saying Walker needs to play, with both left backs being fit again, Dias should maybe be the one to sit out? Makes sense too since their main attacking weapon is their pace, and Dias is our slowest defender. Horses for courses and all that.
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