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no, no, no, no, no - yes (the old chap in the Vicar of Dibley.)
Beautiful place is Mogán, my sister lives 10 minutes from there so we usually stay in Mogán when we visit. Looks a good place to watch.

There's probably quite a few Real Madrid fans in Gran Canaria because everyone seems to have 2 teams, many support Las Palmas and also either Barca or Real Madrid.
Lucky sister! It is a beautiful place, be even better when promenade finished. Hope there aren’t too many Real fans just want this match done and dusted, it must be hard going for the lads.
I think if Walker does play then Gvardiol might be the one to miss out, despite his excellent performance last week. Would be a bit harsh, but can't see any of Stones, Dias or Akanji being dropped.
Not sure Walker's fit enough just yet but his mere presence is good enough. Vinicius doesn't go near him
I'm out on a works do with a bunch of rags. Watching this game will be so irritating.

Thoughts and prayers my way please tonight
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