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swinton blue

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8 Feb 2009
Moss and Atkinson are the ones to watch out for
Retiring but going upstairs to work along side Riley.
Dean is Retiring but not been offered any job because as Mark halsea said it jobs for the boys.
I think Dean would be a good appointment for us


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14 Sep 2015
Maybe it's just the Chavs complaining.

A couple I've spoken to claim the last penalty should have been retaken as the Penalty isn't deemed over until the ball stops rolling. Allison is seen to pick the ball back up to stop the ball rolling in.

Is this just clutching at straws or have they won the cup thanks to a fuck up?

Any refs able to confirm the rule please.

That's just an idiotic claim - once he's picked it up, it's stopped moving. Until then, it hasn't.
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Blue Mist

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14 Aug 2005
If you get awarded a pen by var with minutes to go, to win the game, surely you can’t claim much more. Unless the next conspiracy is Mahrez is in on it too. Disappointing it wasn’t given straight away, but var which apparently was going to shaft us today, did it’s job.
Or the other option, after the first disgusting stitch up, var had to intervene to save the alleged good name of the premier league. If they hadn't every fan (bar dips and rags) would have seen how corrupt our football is.
A well run business would not allow themselves to be put in the position they are on a regular basis. They would not allow Taylor anywhere near a Manchester match.

Colin Bells Boots

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31 May 2016
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Manchester City
You actually couldnt make it up. No wonder the refs are as bad as they are if this guys see’s a replay of that and says no foul. Clearly lacks any understanding of the game at its most basic level.

It's clearly not a lack of understanding though is it ?

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