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18 Jan 2012
I just don't get it. Clubs don't require any practice in admitting supporters whatsoever, what needs to be established is WTF is the priority of this nation and its government. We either prioritise complete eradication of this virus via 100% border control (absolutely nobody in or out for the foreseeable future, tough shit if you fancy a holiday) another 2 week lockdown and the fully funded and enforced track and trace, or we carry on with this ridiculous sham of we can beat this virus with a set of decisions that do nothing but bloody keep numbers rising. It's the best example of a idiot trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it you can possibly imagine.

the whole lot is a farce


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24 Feb 2010
Just turned PSG game on , fans in stadium . Looks really reduced capacity but it’s a start !


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9 Dec 2005
If fans don't follow the rules in the pilots they won't let any more in.


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25 Jun 2020
Team supported
Manchester City
Its fooked. Why don't they give every teams fans the option of buying a season ticket through their TVs while this uncertainly lies
Letting a few hundred fans in to create an atmosphere is undermining the government and health issues plus doesn't
bring shit all revenue. Sell the game through the camera lens, will have couch potatoes paying to watch their preferred teams, i.e. Blackburn we will show you all your games for, lets say £150 for the season
1 that means some of the "revenue is going back through the sport"
2 it's a damn site cheaper then paying £470 for a season ticket to your club when you don't even know when you may be allowed back in (figures amounted to me today by my boss who supports Blackburn)
We find ourselves in a society who are making us couch potatoes to pay from the couch regardless of epidemics.
Ring food, beer, pay for a fight,clap for Simon Cowell on a saturday night, pay subscriptions to utter bolloxs
Give us each a channel (or red button) to watch our own teams without us all paying the same (regardless of club) to be brainwashed about Ushited or the Dippers

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