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Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by city saint, 15 Oct 2017.

  1. Dribble


    4 Jul 2009
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    When I first posted in this thread, it was about a Rag mate of mine who didn't care about their performance at Anfield 'As long as they kept winning'.

    Fast forward a week & his friends & family have put him on suicide watch, & are having to keep any rope or sharp implements out of his reach! Lol I dropped the same analogy about Moureen expecting his squad to be able to switch from an 11-man defence twice in a week, to a Barca-esque, expansive attacking style.

    Mentality wise, it's too much of a switch & their squad is suffering as a result. This Rag plank cannot even bring himself to comment on our attacking style of play, especially with the turgid, defensive dross Moureen's serving up for the Salfords.

    That style of football is just about paletable when you're winning 1-0, but when your £400m team gets beat by a £30m team, it becomes hard to swallow. We'll have our defeats along the way, but at least we can console ourselves that we go into the games trying to win. This is the direct opposite of Moureen's philosophy of going into games with a don't lose mentality.

    Our football has been good over all & fantastic in parts. Most neutrals can see & admit that, but your average Rag cannot stomach it, ESPECIALLY when the have to watch Moureen's Monsters play their powerful brand of route one brutalist football in the pub.

    If the situations were reversed, it would be killing me, so imagine how the 'Mighty' must be feeling deep down inside?
  2. Football_lover_LFC


    18 Oct 2017
    To be fair,before Mane was sent off Liverpool were in the game. But as a rival fan I'd much prefer Man City to win the title as you guys play the best football and are deadly.
    Whereas Man Utd are so boring to watch what with their buses and all. Tottenham are also a nice team but getting a bit cocky these days !
  3. cleavers


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    One of the best things about watching us at the moment, whilst the football is brilliant, is how humble most of the squad seem. We've seen great teams in the past, but there were always one or two that you could dislike, no matter how good the football was, so it would be interesting to know how other fans perceive our current playing squad, are there any that they actually hate ?

    I'm sure Liverpool will hate Sterling, Everton Stones, and Spurs Walker, but none of these are dirty players, or bell ends away from the football.
  4. Machiavelli


    1 Jan 2016
    You were still 1-0 down.
  5. prestonibbo_mcfc


    16 Apr 2010
    And on the pitch. I suppose that's what they mean by in the game.

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