Russian invasion of Ukraine

The MAGA wing of the Republican party clearly supports Putin. Now Johnson has put the house into it's Winter recess for two weeks to kick the can down the road.

Worse still, traditional Republicans in the House are happy for their MAGA budies to stop Ukraine aid. Time for them to grow a spine and do the right thing and push for a Discharge Petition as soon as the house reconvenes.

I really fear for the future of Western democracy. The Republicans behaving like clowns is not good for ALL our futures.
Can’t Biden override all this with a Presedential thing?
Horrible question to ask but what was Ukraine's losses mate?

Loads of estimates ranging from 10:1 down to 3:1 it is hard to say, but it will be high due to the sheer amount of bombs that was dropped on them. Don't think Ukraine will confirm the amount as the retreat was a shit show there is no second line prepared correctly which some reckon is why Zalzuny was fucked off, as he had plenty of time to prepare. But this could just be speculation.
Horrible question to ask but what was Ukraine's losses mate?
I honestly dont know,but i would imagine quite a lot.
The whole point of the withdrawal was to save men and equipment.
Russian losses were/are and always will be more,as the troops are simply sent to their deaths without a second thought.

Slava Ukraini.

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