Russian invasion of Ukraine

News from Switzerland;

A total of 164 billion held in Swiss bank accounts how Ukraine could use that confiscated money right now

Is Russia seeking a way out?

Can’t see it but looks like some back channels maybe in action.

Serbia will buy fighter jets from
France instead of
Russia due to sanctions - Financial TimesThe republic is going to buy 12 Rafale fighter jets from France for €3 billion. The publication reports that this will become Serbia’s largest arms deal and “a symbol of commitment to the West.” Previously, the country purchased military equipment mainly from Russia.We relied on Soviet designs, but we have some problems associated with the need to maintain this equipment. Due to geopolitical circumstances, it is now impossible, even with all the desire, to buy anything from Russia.- said a source from the Serbian Ministry of Defense

This lad is a British Cossack volunteer in Ukraine delivering stuff to the front line
658 seconds, our delivery to the front, SOUND ON
We delivered over $100K worth of thermal imaging drones & FPV kamikaze drones to our heroes on the very front, from Robotyne to Kup'yans'k, the guys may have thought we were a little crazy but we received so many smiles/hugs & thanks from them, they made us the most incredible meals, honestly, some of the best food I've ever had in Ukraine, from mouth watering Salo to Plov (A first for me).
Yes there were a few scary moments from artillery to FPV drones trying to kill us in the trenches but nothing compared to what our heroes deal with 24/7.We left the front with a better idea than ever before of the exact needs of our troops, we know exactly what they need, when/where, and NOW we just need you. We have the drones waiting at the LOWEST price available in Ukraine, we just need funds. £3515 Per Mavic 3T (5 Urgently needed)£350 Per Kamikaze Drone (Unlimited Needed)£1884 Per Thermal Imager (29 Needed)£4000 Per 4x4 Pick Up truck (10 Needed)To help please donate via PayPal, comment: "We Care"

Keep up the good work scary stuff I don’t know how they do it.
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Was out today watching the footy in Poland. A local lad said as long as there are stray dogs on the street he'd fuck one of them over the fittest Russian woman.

It's an odd sentence but I get it...although my translating may have been bad
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