Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Probably linked to this.

I've not read the full article yet but headline kinda matches this new stance

probably a change in stance as they know there was no chance they could stop it.

Edit: just had chance to watch the video in the link. announcing China is in an axis of Evil with Russia and Iran may have been a step too far there.
I just typed this without reading the article first
It could be linked to what has been happening in the Middle East, Israel invasion of Gaza.
Namely giving the green light to Israel and Russia now involves Iran and the threat of world war has finally dawned on Trump.
Protecting the US southern border is a nothing when compared to a bomb and tanks rolling into Taiwan
From "The Analyst":


Advancing toward Semynivka from the Avdivka direction, Russian forces have been trying to cross the river in front of the Ukrainian defence lines.
Ukraine has just completed a full rotation of its forces here, with fresh and rested troops in place.
The Ukrainian side has good roads and logistical support and the small town is the centre of this, hence its value to both sides.
Ukraine has the advantage however in position and supply.
The Russians massed for their attack in newly captured Orlivka. Ukraine concentrated its drones and artillery on these units as they assembled. The Russians also have to use just a handful of available river crossing points so again, Ukraine knows where they will try. The Ukrainian forces also used their 3rd Assault brigade to mount counter attacks, taking the Russians entirely by surprise as they hadn’t expected such a move.
The Russians however later replaced their losses with surprising ease, seemingly using the old Avdivka coking plant as a base to hide equipment.
Using 120mm mortars to soften Ukrainian positions, the Russians then attacked with infantry delivered by APC. The Russians appear to have crossed into Semynivka but faced intense counter attacks.
The Russians used familiar tactics. Racing over open ground in APC’s and tanks under fire to drop off infantry and withdraw, but heavy losses of vehicles were the main result, although soldiers did reach the crossing. The Russians tried to flank the Ukrainian positions using tanks but quickly lost them.
Ukraine launched dozens of drones to engage the infantry and artillery to destroy additional vehicles transporting more infantry.
All the time this was going on the Ukrainian artillery was pounding Russian support forces and additional reinforcements in Orlivka before they could advance.
Russian survivors were seriously upset at about the way they’d been sent to the slaughter. 15 of them said they were the only survivors of their 150 man company and posted a video saying they were accused of mutiny for refusing to continue to fight.
Overall the attack was against heavily defended positions and the Ukrainian side seems to have used absorption tactics - allowing a certain amount to cross into their fire zones and kill points.
The Russians try to fill up these spaces with more forces only to find they’re just being slaughtered and have no chance of advancing.
An intense and effective defence by Ukrainian forces!

Slava Ukraini !

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