Sheffield United (H) - Post-Match Thread


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17 Oct 2014
Dubh Linn
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Played well there. Not to our super high standards but we controlled the game for very large chunks. Garcia done no worse than Ottamendi, and had a decent game. Hopefully we'll see more from him till the end of the season.
At least Garcia has youthful legs and looks like he has a sense of danger or defensive instinct.

Needs games to get his experience levels up.


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6 Sep 2008
Frankly an ordinary performance, a dreadful game but 3 points more than welcome.

Lads looked tired throughout and no wonder with the schedule.

Shit ref not giving the foul on Kun but they then score a goal that should stand imo but yet again VAR ruins the fucking game for one set of fans and a game is changed because of it.

Yes he was offside but with the eye, the law that says benefit of the doubt to the attacker its a good goal and one given in every season i have watched the game barr this one.

Garcia played well, Kev MoM.

The law doesn't state that the benefit of the doubt is to be given to the attacker tho. That's a misconception!! The law clearly states a player is offside if any part of his body which they can score with, is in an offside position, then they are offside! VAR is giving decisions according to the current rules.

There is an argument to say the law needs changing on Offsides, but that's not a VAR issue but a current law issue!!

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