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They dont do the bleep tests anymore. Only did this for a year or 2. I do know Jon Moss failed the test last summer & was given dispensation as long as he passed it within 3 months so must have skulked round it somehow.

He was let off on the proviso he did as he was told in certain games the bent fat twat.


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26 Aug 2008
In a world of my own.
I have three daughters. That apart she is one of the best liners, if not the best in england. That Bellend Tyler is an embarrassment to Sly. Instantly trying to get Aguero in mither for fuck all. SHAMELESS.


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3 Aug 2007
The Sunny Sarrrrf!
Here are the MSFT (bleep test) differences. There are also differences for sit-ups and press-ups.

5.4 across the board for Police Scotland is an absolute joke though. I wouldn't even break sweat at that, and I'm no spring chicken.
Think all police is still 75 yr old mother could do that in a foot of treacle.


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15 Nov 2016
Cos he’s got us on Saturday and the scapegoat Coote is 4th Official?

Thought Coote has been demoted for Saturday.

Taylor I think is one of the better ones.
Would rather have him than Moss, Coote, the guilty looking oliver, Mason and others.

I realise because of the United connection, most would disagree.


Jam Tomorrow

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10 Feb 2013
Jam Tomorrow

I would get your eyes tested in that case my friend

However, as I have been through the process and know a lot of the people involved I would say I am more ITK than your good self.

You have quoted examples from Poll & Clattenburg. A few years after Poll brought his book out he admitted he had garnished some of the stories in it as his publisher had said the original version was boring and would not sell. As for Clattenburg he has always been a law unto himself. A top ref when he 1st came on the scene but towards the end it was the Clattenburg show, which as a ref should be the last thing you want. I could tell you why he was originally suspended & why he suddenly packed in.

Now if you had used Anthony Taylor in your argument you would have a point.

ha ha don’t get me started on Anthony Taylor !

i think the point I was trying to make and probably not making a good job of is referees are human beings, they are not completely sterile, they have emotions. If you look at the song and dance over the Merseyside derby on Saturday, I would say human factors were a big influence. The Jordan Pickford incident is a good case in point, he’s England’s national keeper, he’s been crucified in the media for his recent performances, if I was a referee or VAR ref would I want to make his life worse? No instinctively i wouldn’t. If Van Dijk gets up and walks away it gets forgot about, but the outcome dictated the narrative.


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3 Jun 2009
Deep behind enemy lines and on the attack
Sergio should not have done what he did - touching a ref/assistant is not a good look.

However, the faux outrage is ridiculous. If Sian felt that it was a problem - she would have *flagged* it.

She didn`t and had no problem with it.

The mini-witchhunt and OTT reactions by the media stinks of the the Silva and Mendy incidence last year.

Henderson accused the PL of cheating with manipulating the lines drawn when it comes to tight decisions, Surely accusing the governing bodies of cheating? Nowt said in the media.

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