So it begins

Garden Of Edin

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5 Jan 2011
Another dog-fight for 4th again.
Tottenham and Chelsea aren't too far behind now are they?

Don't give a fart that we were at their place. We were absolutely terrible tonight and even if we had of held on, I still would of made this thread. We deserve nothing else.

Our defending has gotten worse, and worse, the longer the season has gone on for.
Milner is non-existent, except when he attempts a mis-placed pass, or he loses the ball.
Viera's name makes me cringe, not even a shadow of himself.

Without Silva and Tevez we're toothless and with the way we are playing, Dzeko hasn't gotten a fucking sniff of the ball!

So, what the fuck do we do!? Tough, tough games coming up.

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