Stephen Ireland


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21 Apr 2008
Back in Gods Country
This boy will be immense for years with his vision and tackling/passing in midfield. I still cant believe a previous post about him going, absolute bollocks. At the moment he must be worth millions and will save us millions in the long run, I havn't been this excited by a City player since Peter Barnes was at the club.
agreed,he has raised his game since the takeover and is probably our best player this season.

If we were to sell him I wouldnt take any less than £15m,but we aint gonna sell him so its pointless ;-)
The Ireland to Arsenal post? Utter rubbish! Wenger doesn't spend the kind of money it'd cost to buy him. I'm also sure he's said there is only one club he's interested in playing for, ours.
Can't agree more. Dread to think how much he's worth because he's one of the most gifted players in the world and thats not being OTT. This kid is fantastic!!!!
I remember having a stand up row with two clowns (who I never saw once at Maine rd) three years ago when they used to give Ireland some horrible abuse. Everytime he lost the ball these idiots used to turn round to me and smile.... When it kicked off with them he said to me "As long as I have a hole in my arse that boy is never a footballer" I have changed seats since then but I keep meaning to go back and say hello.
Awesome performance from him today. Wouldn't sell him for £20m now.

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