Stupid little things that bug you

People who don't shut drawers properly. They give 'em a bit of a shove which takes said drawer within an inch of being closed,but not completely.
Also people who don't fold newspapers up after they've read 'em.
We don't have allocated parking spaces at work, but i always park in the same spot - and it does my bloody head in when someone parks there before i get there! I have no right to that space but it proper winds me up
When you are watching TV and really into a programme, suddenly the Mrs gets a phone call and goes into full blown gossip mode.

People who don't use indicators in their cars.

Double standards - Mrs asks me to put my shoes away but allows hers and the kids' out all the time (Just one of many examples)

Grr you've got my blood boiling now, I could keep going and going.
Here's another. I was looking ifor something in the bottom kitchen cupboard when my Mrs decided to look for something in the cupboard above. She them walked off, a minute later I stood up and smashed my head off the cupboard door she left open. Fuming.

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