Tactics for next season

Mancio said:
FeedTheGoat10 said:

Let's fucking go for it

De Niro would say still its "negative"

We played a lot like this in 60's.... But you wouldn't know.
We don't have the personnel to play a 442, that'd require two dynamic, box to box CMs which we just don't have.

I really want us to play with two strikers, but I can't see how it's possible with our current squad. I think the most likely option for me is 4231, but in this formation I'd like to see Silva in the middle with two penetrative wide men. Balotelli will do if he can up his game, but we need to sign a new RW for this to be the case.

In a fantasy world I'd love us to play 4312, Silva in behind Dzeko and Aguero, de Jong, Yaya and Schweinsteiger in the midfield. That would be the stuff of dreams, but it'll never happen.
--------------------- Hart

-- Richards -- Kompany -- Lescott -- Baines

------------- de Jong -- Milner/Barry

----- Mata/AJ ----- Tevez ----- Silva/Balotelli

-------------------- Dzeko
Standard formations like the 4-4-2 are dead now. You cannot just play with one solid formation for the whole season, with players tied down to the same posoitons for the whole game. Good teams have an erray of formations, creating new roles for there players, depending on the oppostion.

However if I was to chhose a style rather than a formation i would have to look towards barcelona in chamions league final. bartca switched it up alot but for a large portion of the game they did the following.

Mascherano on paper played centre back. When actuly he was slightly higher than Pique but slightly behind the defensive midfielder Busqets.

Xavi played slighlty ahead of buesquests but not as high as Inesta.

Messi Played higher than inesta but not always as high as Villa or pedro

pedro seemed to play more towards the left, while most of the above played all over the pitch.

In terms of lines they played something along

Victor valdes


Alvez Busqets Abidal



This allowed the three players, Xavi, Inesta, and Messi to dictate the vast majority of the passing play in the centre and make Barca's beautiful style. While Alvez and Abidal were free to make darting runs into dangerous wide areas. Also Pedro and Villa could create space for themselves.

This is what I would like for City, and by the look of our play at the end of the season, it seems to be how we are shaping, with similar formations that cannot be defined. With formations with far more lines rather than your standard three line formation like 4-4-2
10.Goater_Legend said:
--------------------- Hart

-- Richards -- Kompany -- Lescott -- Baines

------------- de Jong -- Milner/Barry

----- Mata/AJ ----- Tevez ----- Silva/Balotelli

-------------------- Dzeko

Milner/Barry ahead of Yaya :/

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