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23 May 2004
Still alive here....
I have a friend who is a copper and he has always advised me if I were ever to be arrested to go No Comment from the off, no matter what the circumstances unless my solicitor advised me not to. He also strongly advised never ever ever ever speaking to police without a brief present.
I suppose if your in real trouble that's good advice.

But, and this is based solely on my experience, if you treat a copper as 'normal' from the off then you'd be surprised how helpfull they can be.

I got nicked by a lovely wpc some years ago and when she asked if i had anything 'on me' before the search i told her straight. On the way to the cop shop i said she would find outstanding warrants on me. I'll be honest and say i thought i was going down, what with those and the offence id just been nicked for. She told me not to mention the warrants to anybody else in the cop shop.
When the desk sargeant asked what the charge was she said one thing, he wanted a more serious one and they quietly discussed it for a minute. I got the lesser charge.

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1 Oct 2020
They might give no comment during the interview but produce a written statement getting their story straight on the advice of their solicitor.

As others have said, no point giving the police information that they don't already have.

york away to this!

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23 Jul 2009
This, ahem, WPC...
Does she have an onlyfans page (or whatever it is) so the great and good of bluemoon can do a little research?


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24 Oct 2012
VAR are still reviewing Paris Baldocks sentence, likewise the gent shooting a pharmaceuticals distributor last week, FA chief Dom Noonan is confident both men will be freed shortly.

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