The Etihad Pitch


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16 Feb 2020
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Man City
That surprises me ! The grass isnt in great shape looks like it has some keen of fungus disease.
The bottom of the picture to the left of looks diseased because its yellow.
Plus the grass doesnt seem to be verti-cut etc !
The grass looks well trodden and knackered.
The grass looks to thick.
Just doesn't look like a top notch sports pitch. ;)

But I am sure the ground staff now what they are doing.

The problem this season was the pitch live span was over. Was due to be replaced last season but due to only 2 or 3 weeks before the restart they wasnt time.

Sports turf is becoming more and more scientific. Yet everyone thinks they can grow their back garden like a top end sports facility lol. I enjoyed that side of the job.
I got the pic of Google maps...screenshot!! Just zoom in to the centre circle!!
* was one of those panoramic photos from the centre circle...
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14 Oct 2016
I remember that match very well. It was a great display by West Ham. It was generally a brilliant season for City. League Cup win including knocking out United. European Cup Winners Cup winners. League double over United. The only other blot on the season was an FA Cup defeat to United.

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