The photos thread


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19 May 2012
I love this new feature allowing easy upload of photos from your smart phone. I rarely access Bluemoon via a laptop or PC so this should make it a bit more like Twitter or Facebook.

Share favourite photos from your phone with a simple explanation. I’ll start:

Currywurst is a German street food. It’s a Bratwurst sausage smothered in a mildly spiced tomato sauce and dusted with powder. Chips on the side with ketchup and mayonnaise. I think this was about €5. Superb idea.View attachment 87
I remember Paul Hollywood doing a thing in Germany and showing that currywurst actually has a part number in the VW parts catalogue. He bought and cooked some in his campervan then then took a bite, turned to the camera and said " wow - hotter than the surface of the 'kin sun".......

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