The Scottish Politics thread

No one said anything about winky faces.

I searched for life details. And just picked a topic. Each one returned a positive match.

The response I was talking about was the OTT denial, it betrayed that he knows more than a bloke with no relation to the "other bloke" and owner of his old account.

It's the same bloke.

That dazdon was a piece of shit judging by responses from loads of posters. Don't really remember them if I'm honest, but they liked a wink face. TMQ had him on toast.

Nope, no one did. Anyroad it’s bonkers, you’re both better posters than this. Play the ball not the man and all that.
Who gives a fuck!?

"Scottish Politics Thread". Stick to that!
Isn't there an irony that a woman who wrote under a man's name in the 21st century (when there was no prejudice that necessitated it) is complaining about people who don't gender bend for financial profit and only because it makes their life more bearable?
Once again, this thread couldn't be a better reflection of the state of Scottish politics just now.

All snide finger pointing and implications for shit from over 10 years ago, without a clue who's who, and fuck all else happening.

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