The Title Race | How many points to win the league?

How many points will be needed?

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12 Sep 2012
Last season Liverpool took:

6 points off Newcastle
6 points off United
6 points off Everton
6 points off Arsenal

They also took 6 points off each of the three teams who were relegated.

I'd be surprised if they matched that (including the promoted teams) this season, especially losing their second-best player in Mane.

I've gone for 85-89, but think it's more likely to be the category below that.


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27 Mar 2011
Not sure what the question is asking?
Does it mean how many points will the team that wins the league will get or how many will it need to finish above second?

Eg. In our 100 point season, we only needed 86 points to actually win the league.

It's second place +1 (or + better goal difference)

I think we'll challenge 100 but only need 95.


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8 Aug 2020
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I think we will be around 92-93. We will gain the points we lost vs Southamptom, crystal palace but most probably drop some of those points vs chelsea (got 6 points last season) and arsenal (got 6 points last season).

Bournemouth Blue

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21 Mar 2015
I went for 85-89, simply because the idiots at FIFA stuck the World Cup right in the middle of the season. Even with our squad, it will be tough to make an early start, then have a break with some squad members playing many games for their countries, and a frustrated Erling Haaland keeping fit with Academy players. Of course all teams face this problem, but those with fewer World Cup players will have an advantage over the top clubs. They will spend the mid season break bonding and getting injured players fit again, and top clubs will try to start the season again on Boxing Day undercooked and knackered from the World Cup.

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