The Treble Merchandise

We are delighted to inform you that the Commemorative shirt you reserved in May celebrating last season’s Treble win, has just arrived in our warehouse.

All we need to do now is package it up and get it ready for despatch. You will receive a shipping notification week commencing 20th November. How exciting!

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your loyalty and patience during the extended delivery period for this very special shirt.

We hope you love it.

Kind regards,
Official Manchester City Online Store
Cheers Chris, I have not received one of these fuckers though, so now I’m really worried :-)
The Chinese new year shirt is available in the Puma website for 20 quid now for anyone interested. I thought it was a smart looking shirt, pointless, but smart. Just ordered one.
Bought a Champions 12 in gold shirt. In 2020, not going to disclose why, but how: in the dryer and the gold letterings detached off the kit, and creased and crumbled.

Good news I gots two of them. Saving that extra because I’m not into framing them.

If TOPPS had a trading card thats worth in value 20 years from now, that limited edition Treble Winners card will be a collectors item. Because blind packs will not always guarantee luck (Willy Wonka golden ticket). And yes I’ve been collecting TOPPS Match Attax each year, since 2007
Just had email with a UPS tracking number for the treble shirt

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