The TV Quiz Show Thread


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30 Sep 2016
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I just had my dinner ruined by watching an episode of The Chase, were a young woman, thick as the sauce in the neck of a bottle, got 0 money and not one question right.

Fair play to stupid people and I would never have a go at them. Let’s face it, that would be a full time job on this site, :) but for fuck sake, at least they don’t apply to show the world how cretinous they are by going on TV where people can recognise them.

I know this is a form of OCD/Tourette’s on my part, but Jesus H Christ, it really gets on my wick

She didn’t know who Tommy Cooper was. Never heard of Buzz Aldrin, and many many more things, only a **** living in a cave for his whole life wouldn’t know. And even then he would probably guess one right.

Am I alone in wanting these people dead, or do you have sympathy for the Cunts who volunteer to go on these shows, without a brain cell operating at even half capacity?

I hate them all.
Everyone will have auditioned and undergone a mock quiz. She wouldn't have got on if she'd done that at the audition.

I've been there and the problem is that when people are in the studio, under the lights with the cameras on them, some go to pieces completely.

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